Un Sedicesimo 41 - 44flavours

Un Sedicesimo 41 - 44flavours

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Julio Rölle and Sebastian Bagge, otherwise known as 44flavours, have been working closely together as graphic designers and artists since 2003. Considered by AIGA the most multi-disciplanary artists working today in the design world, they are definitely rooted in graffiti. Thus is not only visible in style and technique but also in their light-hearted approach, their unshakeable DIY-attitude as well as their ability to improvise and turn every piece of paper, board, wood or fabric into a piece of art. Analogue is the motto: they saw and cut, paint and spray. Their work is an example of how to incorporate historic references with a playful touch while integrating actual and global visual phenomena respectfully.

This is their work for Un Sedicesimo, both a typographical measure – a sixteen-pages-binding – and a magazine too.

Seventeen centimetres width for twentyfour height. It hasn’t got an editorial office nor a subject nor a fixed design. Each issue has a different author, whose job is to create a sixteen-pages-long project. Un Sedicesimo will be a magazine different at each time, from the headline to the colophon.
It will become a sort of gallery on paper, which proposes a new personal exhibition every two months, six times a year.

You can subscribe the annual project. Discover more on www.unsedicesimo.it